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Sitting in a sparse room with microphones before them, SHAWN McBEE, KELLY LEVIAY and JOSHUA BAKER read screenplays that never made it to the big screen. These screenplays are not read in advance, so the team has no idea what they’re going to be getting. But let’s face it: If someone got paid to write a screenplay and then no one bothered to make it into a movie, there’s probably a reason…

While there is an occasional gem, yes, most of these scripts turn out to be BAD. Good or bad, these brave scriptonauts read AND COMMENT on the scripts, so that the world may know of the terror from which they have–until now–been spared.

So dig in and enjoy(?) some of Hollywood’s lost treasures(?)!



This is it! The stunning finale of Gladiator 2! And by stunning, we mean "wherein literally not a single thing that has been set up in the entire script gets paid off and the story is completely abandoned in the middle of what should be the climax in order to just do something weird and dumb that makes no sense!"

Yes, this script fulfilled all our greatest wishes for it.

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"Gladiator 2," you may ask? -- Yes, you read that right.
"Didn't the titular Gladiator die," you may ask? -- Oh, yes.
"Who wrote this," you may ask? -- Nick Cave.
"The musician," you would be remiss not to ask? -- The very same.
"I loved 'Red Right Hand!' but does that qualify him to write the sequel to a Best Picture-winning film," you may ask? -- No, it clearly fucking does NOT.