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Sitting in a sparse room with microphones before them, SHAWN McBEE, KELLY LEVIAY and JOSHUA BAKER read screenplays that never made it to the big screen. These screenplays are not read in advance, so the team has no idea what they’re going to be getting. But let’s face it: If someone got paid to write a screenplay and then no one bothered to make it into a movie, there’s probably a reason…

While there is an occasional gem, yes, most of these scripts turn out to be BAD. Good or bad, these brave scriptonauts read AND COMMENT on the scripts, so that the world may know of the terror from which they have–until now–been spared.

So dig in and enjoy(?) some of Hollywood’s lost treasures(?)!



Hi there! You might have noticed that we're running some reruns at the moment.

That's very astute of you. You may also have noticed that Shawn and Josh seem to be constant, but Kelly and Jeff trade off. . . What's up with that?

The reality is that we have a pretty small studio and it's simply not a good setup to have 4 people recording. So we're fixing that! We're not getting a bigger studio, though. Instead, we're gutting the space we have and completely reconfiguring it in order to fit all four of us as well as making it nicer to look at so that we can add a video element to the podcast down the line.

Unfortunately, this means that we have to pull out all our recording equipment. So, while we renovate, you get to relive Kelly's first script, Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian (or experience it for the first time, if you're a newer listener!) For the inconvenience, we have disabled all ads for these episodes.

Shawn, Josh and Jeff will be reading Indiana Jones and the Monkey King by Chris Columbus, and beyond that hope to begin working on scripts featuring all four of our co-hosts! We're very excited about what's coming 'round the bend!...

Wondering where you can listen to Table Reads? Well, we've put together a list of links to our show on the most popular platforms! Click on the name of your favorite service/directory/app below, and go straight to our show page where you can subscribe on whichever platform you prefer. Not listed here? No worries, just do a search and we're probably there. If not, let us know and we'll work on getting it added. We'll also go back and update this post with any new info.

Here's the list:...